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I wish this year will be better for you!

I am thinking of time management. A year is 365 days. Also a year is 52 weeks. We are busy every day. Probably you can output something per a week. But it is difficult for us to output something everyday. Then we should plan for 52 weeks instead of 365 days.

Life is short. We should define what I don't want for focusing what I really want.


I always write HTML directly. I missed that LJ is using FCKEditor as rich text editor. TypePad announced that they choose TinyMCE. It's interesting.

Follow Your Friends on TypePad Profiles

As you may know, TypePad Profiles had following that is one of social features! I love this feature.

TypePad Profiles already has tracked comments my blogs which uses TypePad Connect.

Your TypePad profile tracks your comments from your favorite sites.

Doing More With TypePad Profiles

And I expect that TypePad Profiles becomes more social! I hope next step on TypePad Profiles!

This is my profile: http://profile.typepad.com/comewalk

Thanks, Lingr and Rejaw

Lingr and Rejaw announced shutting down on May 31, 2009.

We're sad to announce that Rejaw will be shutting down on May 31, 2009.
Rejaw: Shout from Rejaw

We're sad to announce that Lingr will be shutting down on May 31, 2009.
Announcing Goodbye from Lingr

Lingr and Rejaw were cutting edge services by using comet. These services realized real-time communication on browser. Kenn, the creator of Lingr and Rejaw, wrote lingr's architecture in Japanese. If you are interested in, please check it.

One more thing, it's important thing that Japanese, Kenn and Satoshi, involved with these services. I am proud of them.

Thank you for providing these services!


heading home. because I has been in office since 7 this morning.


oh, my latest post was one year ago. :(
ok. I posted my recently topic.

Beau Smith came to Japan to speak at Movable Type Developer Conference.
We sakk welcomed him.
He brought us many gifts, kettle chips, MT T-shirt, 6A bags and chocolates.

Fireworks, Gyoza and My Friends

i visited fumiakiy's house. we held cooking Gyoza (means Jiaozi, Japanese said Gyoza) party and saw fireworks.  there was about over 10 people. it was very very fun!

Dear my friend

次に会うときも今まで通りで。けなしあいましょう。なんか今日だけは I miss you な気分なのでちょっとセンチメンタルになりました。

IMing Post

This post is test for using IM.

changed my design.

I changed my LJ site design.

I use S1 style, Layout{Disjointed, Default, Default, Defalut}, Color{Black on White w/ light grays}.

This is good design and my favorite design!!